Nimbis is comprised of a number of modules, each relevant to particular aspects of the insurance industry.
Nimbis Core

Nimbis Core provides the elemental insurance administration functionality, handling the end-to-end aspects of the intermediate short term insurance business.

Via a dashboard interface, Nimbis facilitates management of quotes, policies, documents, customers, brokers and payments. Financials are entirely automated and communication is provided through both email and SMS.
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Nimbis Claims

Nimbis Claims is a highly specialised module providing full claims case management, workflow and supplier management.

Insurers and service providers can all log-in to Nimbis Claims to together collaborate on resolving a claim, improving claims service delivery and ultimately reducing loss ratios.
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Nimbis AQUTE

Nimbis AQUITE collates information from multiple systems to provide insurance Business Intelligence (BI).

Collates information from Nimbis and all major 3rd party insurance administration systems to deliver extensive reporting around risks, claims, losses and profitability.
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Nimbis Rate Auditor and Portfolio Performance Identification (RAPPID) is a specialised tool to identify and manage poorly rated risks, policies requiring renewal and FAC management.

Fully integrated with Nimbis AQUTE.
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