Insurance Platform In the Cloud

For on-line product distribution, collaboration, policy administration and claims management

Speed, Flexibility and Versatility

In a highly competitive market, the ability to create and distribute insurance products, at a rapid rate, is key. NIMBIS has the building blocks to allow clients to build and distribute insurance products without the intervention of software developers. NIMBIS allows the user to create sections of cover with rating criteria, change policy wording, update excess structures, design schedule layout with branding and a lot more, placing full control of the product design, build and distribution in the hands of the insurance product provider.

The flexibility and versatility of NIMBIS supports the existing business process. The quote, policy and claims lifecycle can be configured and delegated to any users in the value chain, across the country, regardless of physical location or role in the business. This allows for cross-company workflows with task allocation and escalations based on pre-defined triggers.

NIMBIS completely changes the way Insurers, Administrators and Broker networks do business, by creating a single eco-system for all role-players to participate in the policy life-cycle. NIMBIS can be accessed via an internet browser from any device, across the country, revolutionising the way the industry operates, enabling real-time collaboration without duplication of work.

Product Distribution + Collaboration

Get it all in one system, online, in the cloud

With NIMBIS, Insurers and Administrators have a “bird’s eye view” of their whole business and risk exposure across their whole broker and demographic footprint. Brokers and marketers have immediate access to the decision makers to approve quotes, incept policies or finalise claims with the click of a button, saving time and increasing productivity, in turn resulting in increased revenue whilst saving costs across the entire value chain.